Parents and Family

Saint Jerome School's success is grounded in support from our families and community.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education by sharing their experiences and talents with all students. 

When parents and families join Saint Jerome, they become part of our scholastic support system. Parents are asked to volunteer at least 20 hours or more per year and have many opportunities to be an active part of their child's education. Parents have many different ways to share their talents. From volunteering at events to spending an afternoon teaching students to make pasta, we can work with you to help share your gifts with students.

Saint Jerome School Parent Council

Helping Children Achieve

The Saint Jerome School Parent Council raises thousands of dollars each year to help SJS provide an outstanding education for students. From fundraisers to volunteering at school events, the work of the parent council is critical to the school. Parents are encouraged to be involved in both their children's education as well as the SJS community.

Fundraising Can Be Fun

Each year, the parent council hosts a range of activities such as dances, movie nights, craft fairs and more. Not only are they great ways to support the school, but they are great opportunities to meet other parents and have fun.

Parent Council Meetings

All SJS parents are welcome to attend!  Meetings will be held once per month at the school on weekdays throughout the school year. Each class elects a parent council representative, who is expected to be at each meeting. Childcare is provided upon request. We hope to see you at one of our next meetings:

  • Tuesday 10/9

  • Wednesday 11/14

  • Tuesday 12/11

  • Wednesday 1/9

  • Tuesday 2/12

  • Wednesday 3/13

  • Tuesday 4/9

  • Wednesday 5/8

Up-Coming Events

Saint Jerome School parent council hosts many of the school's events throughout the year. Check out the up-coming events and mark your calendars now.

Community Service Obligation

In an effort to engage all parents, Saint Jerome School asks all families to volunteer at least 20 hours per school year and purchase or sell one $10,000 Drawing ticket. Parents have a choice of helping out with the many events at the school or opting out of service by paying $450 (each family’s share of the PC financial commitment to fundraising) which includes a ticket to the $10,000 Drawing.


Volunteer opportunities are available at Plus, we’re always looking for new ways for parents to get involved. Maybe you have an idea that you would like to share…a new club for the kids, ideas for Wacky Wednesdays and Friday Fun Clubs or an event for the parents or community. Feel free to bring your ideas to Mrs. Puleo or to the parent council at the first meeting in the fall. 


Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, support the school and teach our children some valuable lessons about helping out!

The Saint Jerome Parent Council is always looking for ways for parents to get involved. If you have thoughts or suggestions, we'd love to hear them. E-mail us today at

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