Our school crest and motto were designed by Mr. James A. Hauser, Principal, in July 2018. At that time, Mr. Hauser wrote the following:


To increase branding and awareness we have designed this crest and motto to express the true and inherent qualities of our school community. The crest is a visual representation of our identity, unity, and commitment. Working together our school community motivates and inspires young people to extend their own personal limits, find their purpose in life, achieve their goals and make their dreams reality.


The symbols within the crest are objects that come from the life stories and history of Saint Jerome as a man. As is explained in greater detail below, the symbols stand as reinforcements and encouragement for all people in our community to rally behind and connect with our school.


The Cross illuminating from the Bible represents the character of our school community. It is the core of our message to all our students, families, and visitors from all nationalities, ethnicities, and even those of different faiths. It symbolizes the message of Jesus which is our most powerful tool, and helps us forge the ethical and moral development of all in our community. The Cross and Bible symbolize faith, hope, love, unity, compassion, freedom, self-discipline, and all the many virtues that prepare our students for life as productive and responsible citizens of the world.



The lion is the king of all beasts, and for us the lion is not just a mascot, it is a representation of our school community's spirit. The lion symbolizes virtues of strength, courage, pride, leadership and the majesty of God. The lion is a symbol of our school community because it is through community that individual people are able to find uncommon strength and vitality. The lion is a symbol of our school community as a family, working together cooperatively, teaching the young lions how to fend for themselves without leaving them vulnerable. A lion is there to nurture and protect the weak. The lion is a symbol of personal power, it represents the leadership and bravery that will make Saint Jerome School a thriving school community for generations to come.



The school crest is completed by the banner, "Not For School But For Life." This motto is our commitment and promise that we are integrating faith with learning and culture. We are not an institution that simply educates students in subjects; we fundamentally believe the students are the subjects. Our school does not view students as objects that can be filled with information, they are not meant to be repositories of important historical events, people, dates, theories and formulas. There is so much more inside of our students. For each one of them, our mission is not only to provide good schooling and quality education, which we do very well, instead our mission is to prepare students for life.

Ultimately, the school crest is emblematic of a period of life and a community of spirit that students will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

With great respect and regards,

Mr. J.A. Hauser


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