Dear Prospective SJS Family,


If you are searching for a school with a rigorous and structured educational experience that provides your child(ren) with a foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime, you have found it!


Welcome to Saint Jerome School!


The education we offer our students is personal because it occurs in a relationship between our school and our families. Our pride comes from knowing that the education we offer equips students with knowledge and skills that enable them to succeed in high school and beyond. Students learn to actively listen, read critically, write with clarity, purpose, and reason, and they are able to communicate their thoughts, feelings and messages by speaking well. These skills, combined with our approach to develop the whole child - physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually - provide a foundation that empowers students and readies them to think independently, to make choices, and to take actions that build a happy and well-balanced life.


At Saint Jerome School the Good News of Jesus Christ is the center of all our experiences. Through the Gospel we seek wisdom and develop virtues which teach us that doing good for our fellow man echoes the divine. We promote a high view of humanity. We have a very strong sense of mankind’s high place in the natural order, the immense capabilities and possibilities of the human mind, and yet, we do not misunderstand the limits of the human condition. The ultimate end of our education is for children to better know, praise, and cultivate a lifelong relationship with God.


Our faculty and staff deliver high-quality, student-centered, joyful learning experiences in our classrooms. They are motivated by a belief in four fundamental principles of all human life: life is sacred, life is valuable, all humans are created in the image and likeness of God, and God has a plan for each person. A commitment to these principles is the reason for our storied tradition of academic excellence. Individual academic subjects are valued; they are taught and learned enthusiastically, but they are just a fraction of the education we provide. Our graduates are accepted and excel at the highest rated, and most competitive high schools in the greater Boston area because the joy of discovery and the daily quest for self-improvement are instilled in their hearts and minds.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know our school as you make an important decision for your child(ren). As a parent myself, I have much appreciation for all that you do as you find the best school for your child. We are a community where great things happen. Your decision to send your child to Saint Jerome School is not just for school, it’s for life.


You are welcome to email me, or call 781-335-1235.


With great respect and regards,




Mr. J. A. Hauser


Saint Jerome School

Not for school, but for life



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