Middle School Program

Grades 6-8

Saint Jerome Middle School admits children on a space-available basis. 

Our classes are limited to 20 students and are staffed by teachers qualified in specific subject areas.

Our middle school curriculum offers:

  • Religion

  • English Composition/Grammar

  • Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Study skills

  • Spanish

  • Latin

  • Computer programming languages

  • Art

  • Music

  • Physical Education


Religious education plays a critical part in all of our grade levels. Our faith is the foundation for our school and drives all of our work.


In addition to the academics, all of our classes take field trips, participate in volunteer opportunities, attend Mass, enjoy lots of extracurricular activities and work with students across all age groups.

Grade 6

Sixth grade is a broad and multi-faceted world of exploration. Our students work with their peers on determining problem solving strategies and then on deciding how to implement those strategies. Creativity across language arts, math and lots of hands-on STEM work is critical to developing thought processes that provide a foundation for future development.

Grade 7

By seventh grade, the students feel confident in their knowledge skills based on successful experiences of the previous years, thus encouraging productive and effective learning across the curriculum. Communication is paramount. Students also work to write research papers and form arguments. Mathematics, computer programming and science tie together setting strong college preparatory foundations.

Grade 8

Eighth graders are the leaders of our school, looked up to by younger students and charged with setting examples for all. From math to literature and science to religion, complex themes are emphasized so students are well prepared for high school and college. Eighth grade is the showcase opportunity students have aspired to throughout their rigorous St. Jerome education. Our students work to finalize the incredible work and creativity each has applied across their years at our school.

Middle School Teachers

Mrs. Erin Walsh, Middle School English/Literature teacher

Mrs. Christine Connolly, Middle School Religion/Science teacher

Mrs. Monica Hynes, Middle School Math/Social Studies teacher


Mrs. Karen Graham, Computer/Art teacher

Mrs. Katie Moriarty, Physical Education teacher

Ms. Patricia Sullivan, Spanish teacher

Mrs. Jane Kirk, Music teacher

Mrs. Anne Marie Clogston, Middle School Computer Programming teacher

Mr. Christopher Hannan, Middle School Latin teacher

Extracurricular Activities

All students are eligible to participate in our extracurricular activities, "Wacky Wednesdays" and "Fun Fridays". Our award-winning programs, such as basketball, First Lego League, sewing and drama, give students the opportunity to develop their interests and compete with other schools throughout the area.

Buddy Program

Unique to Saint Jerome School

The Saint Jerome Buddy Program connects our early childhood students with our older students and is a favorite among all of our students. Given our smaller class sizes, we work to have our students build relationships all can learn from and enjoy! From attending Mass and lunch together to playing and creating art projects or reading new books, the Buddy Program is a winner every year.



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