Programs for all ages designed to challenge students' minds and bodies.


Band ensemble is available to any student in grades 3 through 8 who wishes to learn a band instrument (wind, brass, or percussion.) Instruction is on Mondays during school time for 30 minutes. Violin instruction is also available beginning in grade 2. The most talented musicians will be invited to perform in a regional honor band concert in March.

Bell Choir

New for 2017! Our bell ringing ensemble will have each musician responsible for particular notes, by sounding his or her assigned bells whenever that note appears in the music.


New for 2017! These before-school athletic activities will give kids a body and brain boost that will set them up for a full day of learning.

Boys Basketball

Basketball for boys in grades 5-8 is part of the South Shore Parochial Schools League. The season typically runs from November through February.


Children use their voices to joyfully praise the Lord. Students in grades 3 through 8 are eligible to join the choir. Practice is typically on Thursdays during lunch recess. The choir performs at all school shows, participates in an annual music festival, and sings at First Friday Masses. Musicians are also welcome.

Cub Scouts

Boys in grades 1 to 5 can join the adventure! Cub scouts involves the whole family as parents pitch in to plan and deliver activities from building bird houses and race cars to playing all types of sports.


In the fall, students in grades 5 through 8 perform a dramatic play. In the spring, grades 3 through 8 present a musical.

Environmental Club (ELF)

Any student in grades 1 through 5 can join the Environmental Leaders to Follow (ELF) Club and learn how to impact his or her environment in a positive and thoughtful way.

Friday Fun Clubs

From CPR training to spy club, students in all grades are exposed to something fun during Fridays in May.

Girls Basketball

Basketball for girls in grades 6-8 is part of the South Shore Parochial Schools League. The season typically runs from November through February.

First Lego League (FLL) Lego Robotics

Saint Jerome's FLL team has won multiple regional and state-level awards. This year’s theme is Hydro Dynamics for our competitive team which participates in a regional qualifying tournament in the fall. Students aged 10-14 are invited to participate.

Lego Robotics - Local League

Lego Robotics - Local league is offered to students in grades 4-8. Students  are split into small teams and compete locally against each other in all aspects of a First Lego League tournament.

Lego Building Club

Students in grades K0-3 are welcome to come and build in the gym. The season is typically Wednesday afternoons during May.

Middle School Dances

Held at least three times throughout the school year, middle school students from local, Catholic schools get together at a host school for dancing and socializing.

Music Festival

Catholic schools from around the South Shore participate in a choral festival held in the Spring.

Regional Science Fair

Three students from each middle school grade are chosen to compete in a regional science fair held in April.

Regional Spelling Bee

Each winter, three students from each middle school grade qualify to compete in a regional spelling bee against other Catholic school students.

Rosary Club

The greatest method of prayer is praying the Rosary. Students pray the rosary in the chapel each Wednesday morning, October through June, and then enjoy a communal breakfast in the gym.

Running Club

The Running Club helps train students to participate in the school-sponsored South Shore Running Scared 5K Road Race.

Sewing Club

The Sewing Club creates individual and group projects such as costumes for the drama productions, blankets for veterans, dresses for girls in Haiti, and outfits for the Spring fashion show.

Student Government

The Student Government is an elected body comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary as well as class representatives from each grade 4th through 8th.

Tween/Teen Trivia

Saint Jerome School hosts trivia competitions where students in grades 5-8 compete in teams of 4-6 players and answer trivia questions from a wide variety of categories. Prizes are given for the teams with the most points as well as the team with the best team theme. Trivia registration is open to students from the Collaborative as well as other Catholic schools in our area which enhances the social experience for the students.


The Saint Jerome School Yearbook group is made up of talented eighth grade students who edit and publish our annual yearbook.

Wacky Wednesdays

There is always something wonderful going on at Saint Jerome School but on Wednesdays, there is more!
Wacky Wednesdays are an after-school program in which every grade level is invited to participate….sometimes all at once and, more often, by grade groups (K-2, 3-5, 6-8). Offerings include hands-on science, arts and crafts, baking, and Zumba!



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