Academic Excellence

Academic excellence, faith and good citizenship through acts of Christian service

The academic program at Saint Jerome School places an emphasis on every aspect of our student’s growth and development. We have a history of high academic standards and rank among the best catholic schools in the Boston Archdioceses.

Our general curriculum includes a variety of challenging courses that meet or exceed state requirements. Small class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow Saint Jerome School to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment.

Saint Jerome School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and has received the highest ranking possible in children’s safety and security. Faculty members are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Early Childhood Program

A great education needs a great start!

Specially designed to help your child build the foundation for the future, our early learning programs focus on hands-on math, reading, science and social skills all incorporated with lots of play.

We offer full and half-day preschool programs for children three and four years old.  


Elementary School

Teaching skills that last a lifetime

Grades 1-5

Saint Jerome School's elementary curriculum teaches skills that instill a love of learning. Students use the latest technology to learn core curriculum and develop individualized programs that challenge their minds and encourage life-long skills.

Middle School

Setting a foundation for success

Grades 6-8

Saint Jerome School prepares students for success throughout all aspects of their lives. Our academic program encourages creative thinking and is routed in Christian ideals.


Academically strong, rich in faith, generous in service


Saint Jerome School is the only Catholic school in the area to offer 11 years of foreign language instruction in preparation for high school.

Spanish language is offered for pre-kindergarten through grade 8. Italian cultural enrichment is offered for grade 5. Latin is offered to middle school students. Computer programming languages are offered to middle school students. 

Science and Technology

Enjoying a long tradition of preparing students for future success, Saint Jerome School blends traditional teaching methods with current best practices and enhances the curriculum with cutting-edge technological tools.  Every classroom has a SMART board, every teacher and all seventh and eighth graders are equipped with an iPad, and every student receives technology lessons in a fully-equipped computer lab. Grades 6, 7 and 8 are also exposed to computer programming languages.

Saint Jerome School is proud to announce the opening of our new science lab. The new space will allow students more hands-on experiences with STEM.

Applications Now Accepted

Greatness Wanted

While academic transcripts are an important factor for admittance into Saint Jerome School, we carefully consider a wide range of factors. From accomplishments both in school and outside the classroom, to personal attributes and experiences, these often overlooked indicators are strong reflections of the qualities needed to succeed both academically and personally.

Admissions accepted throughout the year if space is available.



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