Parents and Family

Saint Jerome School's success is grounded in support from our families and community.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education by sharing their experiences and talents with all students. 

When parents and families join Saint Jerome, they become part of our scholastic support system. Parents are asked to volunteer at least 10 hours or more per year and have many opportunities to be an active part of their child's education. From volunteering at events to spending an afternoon teaching students to make pasta, we can work with you to help share your gifts with students.

The Saint Jerome School Community

Not for school,

but for life


A Story of Excellence, Faith, and Service. Get a glimpse of the character of Saint Jerome School, the poise of our students, and the abundance of creativity, energy, and love that is present within our walls.



Join our thriving community of students, faculty, families, alumni, and volunteers.

One of the highlights of Saint Jerome School is its flourishing community. From parents and students to volunteers, much of our success comes from the passionate people who support all that we do. Our connection to the parish collaborative and surrounding community helps provide opportunities to our students. The friendships formed here last a lifetime.

Community Support

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, many of which are listed below. From year-round support to helping with specific events, Saint Jerome School is supported by businesses and benefactors throughout the South Shore and beyond.

Ryan H.

"We looked at private schools throughout the South Shore. When we came to visit and met the staff and saw the great things the kids were doing, we knew it would be a great fit for our family. When you hear about the high school acceptance rates, scholarships and academic successes, it is hands down the best value for a quality education in the area."

Renee F.

"The 3 year old program was a great start to my son's education. Being in the school environment provided him with a head-start academically and socially. Much better than just a day care."


Saint Jerome School

Not for school, but for life



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